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Teacher's Pay Conversations Projects


  • Enroll one other person to read this site

  • Help processing the project's email

  • Contacting legislators

  • Speaking before small groups

  • Remote editing (from your computer) this web site

  • Creating graphics for the web site

  • Researching mail addresses of legislators

  • Writing news releases about the project to newspapers

  • Contacting radio stations

  • Conducting telephone interviews

  • Writing an article for this website.

  • CPA/bookkeeping services for the project

  • Contact the Governor and ask how many votes he requires

  • Research the average pay of various skilled laborers

  • Encourage others to post their thoughts on the Forum

  • Answer forum posts/inquiries

  • Think about what would be supportive, fair and appropriate pay for our teachers, our mentors.

Thank you for reading about the project.

If you would like to volunteer please Contact Us.

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