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Teacher's Pay Conversations Project

Conversation-Generating Topics:

Comment on a topic or add your own on the Teacher's Pay Conversations Project Forum (free registration required).

  • Are teacher's salaries a covert communication reflecting how most truly feel about their education experience, a just an appropriate acknowledgment for services somewhat rendered, a blaming pay-back for poor penmanship?

  • Will this project reveal that the pay structure is an unfair, self-defeating fluke of a free market that the majority intends to rectify?

  • Is there a correlation between teacher's pay and SAT scores? ( more )

  • Are teachers locked into this socio-economic stratum or do they also have the right to financial parity with their graduates?

  • Are there undesirable consequences for teachers blaming the legislators who vote against requested funds/pay raises when in truth the results simply mirror the combined communication skills of educators?

  • Just what are we communicating to teachers about the value of our education? ( more )

  • Is there fear in the relationship between teachers and parents?

  • Do teacher's low salaries reflect an unconscious resentment by the vast majority of graduates who still have poor penmanship, a covert communication of disrespect for buying the lie, the con, "I can't . . ."

  • Are teachers remiss in teaching students (citizens) about acknowledgment? ( more )

  • If teacher's salaries were recomputed annually so as to equal the average income of the populace, would teachers be more supportive of their graduate's success—perhaps weekly support groups for graduates?

  • Do teacher's salaries mirror their communication skills? ( more )

  • Have teachers sold out, instead of insisting on doing what works they bend to administration's or parent's dictates, for job security?

  • Skilled laborers—is there a karmic law? Bring others along with you or no joy? ( more )

  • Have one or more teachers in each school voted by silence to allow other teachers, whom they know to be ineffectual, to continue teaching?

  • Are low salaries a consequence for lying, saying you'll have the papers graded and then not?

  • Are there principals who have yet to learn how to communicate in a way so as to produce timely accurate reports from teachers? ( more )

  • Do teachers communicate in such a way as to cause many parents to feel intimidated or less-than?

  • Do parents have perpetrations left over from school days that get in the way of communicating at the level of partnership with a teacher? ( more )

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