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Teacher's Pay Conversations Project

Background for the Project:

Newspaper articles report that our nation's teachers average $47,620 per year while the median income for households, consisting of typical high school graduates, is about 29,956.00. This difference is a powerful communication, a non-verbalized acknowledgment between students and teachers, one that's not producing the results we say we want. Inappropriate acknowledgment produces less than desirable results.

The fact that the inequity persists reveals a breakdown in . . . supportive communication. The premise being—when communication takes place everyone feels good upon completion. Teachers have learned to accept less, not only with their pay, but from their students. Every few years teachers submit themselves to the humiliating trauma of begging for pay raises and funding, eventually resorting to threats or strikes because they have not learned how to produce the desired result otherwise.

Part of what's missing in the teacher-student-parent-graduate-legislator communication model is an acknowledgment process. Appropriate and accurate acknowledgment always produces the desired results.

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