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Teacher's Pay Conversations Project

About the Project:

This project is about acknowledgment.

The disparity between the salaries of teachers and many of their graduates is a covert and irresponsible acknowledgment. Most teachers never get a face-to-face verbal critique from each former "C" student; teachers can only imagine why the populace keeps them begging for funds for books.

Our present acknowledgment system does not give teachers the kinds of precise feedback essential for communication mastery; specifically, how to communicate subject matter (no excuses, no reasons). The speech-communication curriculum for education majors does not include the subject of acknowledgment, consequently high school graduates are not taught to honor and bring along their mentors.

This site proposes that there are some considerations that have yet to be expressed openly, thoughts that not only keep the present pay structure in place, but also its effects. The project is about tapping the power of positive effective acknowledgment.

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