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The Teacher's Pay Conversations Project

. . . conversations about teacher's salaries.

History suggests that there has been an unacknowledged conspiracy to keep teachers pathetically begging for salaries, supplies, and building maintenance funds. Business executives still consider their own services to be of more value than those provided by their mentors (their former teachers). What's at the root of this inequity? Given our economy and the fact that payment is an acknowledgment, a communication variable, that affects outcomes, it appears we are unconsciously being drawn to look more closely at the correlation between the way we acknowledge teachers and our ability to achieve and sustain an experience of love, health, and prosperity.

This project is not about giving teachers more money; as with sales professionals, a teacher's wages perfectly mirror his/her leadership-communication skills. In fact, sadly, teachers rightly earn and merit exactly what they are presently making. This project of conversations includes asking: What have we been non-verbally communicating by subjecting our mentors to this humiliating disrespectful treatment?

The Teacher's Pay Conversations Project supports everyone in acknowledging his/her intentions clearly and responsibly. It's important to know that how one communicates, even nonverbally, makes a difference.

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