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Community Support Group Projects

Thank you for casting your vote in favor of the project.

You may now tailor your vote in favor of a specific project you support below: i.e. Trump Consultation, Teacher's Support Group, Support Group for Parolees, etc.

If you'd like to tailor your vote please use this form.

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This vote form is a virtual petition that will be used as proof of support for this project. This data will not be displayed publicly.*

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Another way to support the project is to describe it to another so as to enroll them in casting a vote.

Formulate the intention to describe the project to one other person in such a way as to cause them to cast a vote. One of the advantages of describing someone's project to another, specifically this project, is that it positively expands your positive support skills. When you share something like this you share yourself; it takes you out into the world, past your comfort zone, into the realm of experiencing (as in a new language, new intentions, new results).

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