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Community Support Group Project

About Community Communications

Community Communications (ComCom) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) education organization.

ComCom's purpose is presenting free educational experiences in support of mutually satisfying communication mastery. Specifically, ComCom designs and delivers lectures, seminars, trainings, online tutorials, and workshops for individuals, couples, groups and organizationsóto include follow-up supportive services such as support groups and consultations.

Since its beginning in 1989 ComCom has presented a wide variety of Communication Workshops. The president, board members, directors and the tutorial coach don't get paid. Over 100 volunteer assistants have donated no less than 500 hours each. ComCom has granted thousands of dollars in communication workshop tuition scholarships. Participants come through word-of-mouth. The policy continues to be, no paid advertising.

About the Support Group Facilitator


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Kerrith H. (Kerry) King, 80, has been a Communication Consultant in Hawaii for forty-three years. He has taught part-time for the University of Hawaii's Speech-Communication Department on the Manoa and Hilo campuses as well as for the distinguished JAIMS (Japanese-American Institute of Management Science). He has consulted for such clients as Mike McCormack Realtors (formerly Hawaii's largest realtor), Hobart Corp., Budar Advertising, the president of Pacific Construction (builders of the Ala Moana Shopping Center), R. M. Towill Corp. (builders of the Honolulu Airport), The Honolulu Star-Bulletin (then Hawaii's second largest newspaper), the chief psychiatrist of Leahi Hospital, Hawaii Child Care Centers (a school system), the Director of the State Department of Health (Big Isle), the manager of John Hancock Life Insurance of Hawaii, many educators, attorneys, doctors, dentists and thousands more.

Prior to becoming a consultant Kerry was a career military officer. He served as an enlisted man in the Navy on submarines and then via Class 20 with UDT-21 (Underwater Demolition Team) which evolved into today's SEALs. He left to go to college and upon graduation transferred, through the R.O.T.C., to the Army and served two tours in Vietnam, first as a Airborne (paratrooper) Infantry Platoon Leader and again as a Airborne Infantry Company Commander. A gunshot wound ended his military career. He was awarded two bronze stars (one for valor) and two purple hearts.

After consulting and teaching on Oahu for thirteen years, Kerry retired to the Big Isle. In 1988 he donated an Organization Communication-Skills Workshop to the "East Hawaii Coalition to Stop Food Irradiation." That one workshop evolved into what's now called Community Communications (ComCom), a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), educational organization.

Each of Kerry's military training experiences represent proven educational processes having to do with teamwork and excellence. Kerry has integrated these various communication models with what is currently being taught in the fields of human potential and speech/communication. Community Communications' workshops are powerful educational experiences. Ninety-five percent of the critiques written by workshop participants attest to the value. Most participants say it transforms their experience of communication. Kerry also provides free private and small group three-hour communication consultations.

Kerry has designed and facilitated ten-person support groups in Hawaii for 33 years. Over 300 support group participants have completed at least six-months in a support group, most continue (re-up) for 6 or more months. The Support Groups meet for three-hours every other week for six-months. Between sessions members support each other in completing their two-week goals.

Kerry's support groups support personal responsibility, telling the truth, keeping agreements, and supporting others in setting and reaching goals. The current support group began in Kona 21 years ago. One member recently left to get her Masters at Yale while another is publishing his fifth book while working on his Ph.D. at Cornell. Both of these members met for ten years in a row every other week with no unexcused absences. Remarkably, the meetings have always started on time (that's approximately 312 meetings without a single tardy member).


Kerry's Support Groups

Men's Support Group: Oahu and Pahoa

Woman's Support Group: Oahu, Pahoa, Kona

Couple's Support Group: Oahu

Sales Support Group: Oahu

MNGT (a.k.a. the Support Group for Managers): Oahu

Saturday Night Get-Together: Oahu

Family Support Group: Oahu

Co-ed Support Group for Businesspersons: 2-yrs Kauai, 1-yr Pahoa, 20-yrs Kona

Kerry also does free three-hour communication coaching consultations for individuals, couples, and small-groups.

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