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Community Support Group Project


A Community Support Group (CSG) consists of ten volunteer Support Group Participants, ten volunteer Support Group Assistant/Co-facilitators and a Support Group Facilitator meeting for 3-hours each week, for 24-weeks, for the purpose of expanding our ability to positively* support and be supported.

A CSG is a free leadership-relationship communication-skills workshop delivered to your television through a local public television station; it picks up where our high school and college speech-communication courses left off.

During each televised broadcast Big Island TV Viewers may call in and ask questions or offer comments or suggestions.

Between sessions TV Viewers may post questions or comments on the free Message Board—questions/considerations will be addressed during the next televised session.

The first support group will consist of ten teachers from the same school on the east side of the Big Isle.

What will TV Viewers see?

TV Viewers will see the 10 Participants and the Facilitator sitting in a circle having conversations. During the first session the Participants and the Facilitator will co-create the Support Group Agreements.

The Assistant/Co-facilitators (wearing black clothing) will take turns operating the three cameras; they will walk behind the circle of sitting Participants.

Unique to the process is that any Assistant may interrupt a conversation if they hear something that is abusive or inaccurate; they have priority even over the Facilitator.

Also, anyone may wave a hand if they hear an abusive communication that's not being addressed. There is one scheduled juice-bathroom break however, anyone may announce a bathroom break at any time.

Six ways to support the Community Support Group Project

1) Volunteer to assist in presenting one or more of the Support Groups.

2) Volunteer to be one of the ten Support Group Participants for a support group of your choice (Teachers, Couples, Teens, Parents, Parolees, etc.).

3) Volunteer to watch one or more of the 24 weekly support group sessions on your television.

4) Donate to help pay for the assistant's gasoline, drinking water, name tags, etc. Community Communications is a 501(c)(3) education organization (donations are tax deductible). A $20,000 grant will support all ten support groups.

5) Discuss the Community Support Group Project with friends or others.

6) Post a comment or question on the free Support Group Message Board, as a TV Viewer, an Assistant, or as a Participant.

7) Vote in favor of the project.

* "positively" — We all have the exact same amount of support skills. That is to say, sitting silently at home your non-verbal leadership-communication skills are having a powerful effect on those with whom you relate and, throughout your community. Some people use their support skills to forward others while the way others communicate causes loved ones, fellow workers, and friends to hang out in (survival/more of the same) mediocrity; some, due to various childhood interactions, are automatically, unconsciously, driven to upset and thwart others (including therapists), taking as many down with them as possible. The way to discover your support skills is to look at the results those around you are producing. 

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