About Kerry's Support Groups

Kerrith H. (Kerry) King has designed and facilitated ten-person support groups in Hawaii for over 40 years. Over 300 support group participants have completed six or more months in a support groupómost continue (re-up) for 6 or more months.

A typical ten-person support group meets for three-hours every other week for six-months. Between meetings members support each other in completing their two-week goals.

Kerry's groups support personal responsibility, telling the truth, keeping agreements, and supporting others in setting and achieving goals.

The present (2017) support group began in Kona, 1992, 25 years ago. One original member recently left to get her M.A. degree at Yale while the remaining, still active, member is publishing his seventh book and is now a PhD Candidate at Cornell. Both of these members met every other week with no unexcused absences. Remarkably, the meetings have always started on time without a single tardy member.

The Support Groups:

Men's Support Group: Oahu and Pahoa

Woman's Support Group: Oahu, Pahoa, Kona

Couple's Support Group: Oahu

Sales Support Group: Oahu

MNGT a.k.a. Monday Night Get-Together for Managers: Oahu

SNGT a.k.a. Saturday Night Get-Together (co-ed): Oahu

Family Support Group: Oahu

Co-ed Support Group for Businesspersons: (Kauai 2 years), (Pahoa 2 years), (Kona 25 years). (The Kona group began in 1992 and, as of 12/6/17, is still meeting every other Fri.)

Over a period of time most support group participants use their leadership skills to adopt those parts of the support group model that work for them and form their own mini-support group within their family/circle of friends and associates.

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