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Overview of Health Tutorial

The tutorial is a series of communications in support of integrity (of being whole and complete). Its premise—an intention to experience health requires ones willingness to have caused (intended) what's so to be so, to have intended (albeit unconsciously) ones present health condition. 

It's expected that one or more of these communications will be uncomfortable for you to read, to be with—to let sink in.

The way the tutorial works:

1. Read About the Tutorial  (three pages)

2. Keep reading until your mind dismisses or argues with something, a subject or a point of view.

3. Notice that if you are having an upset, however minor it may appear, it's still an upset.

4. Choose to continue reading or quit. Your mind will want you to quit—it's programmed to protect you from experiencing uncomfortableness.

5. Communicate—let us know your thoughts by posting on one of our message boards with what you agree/disagree.

The subject that triggers an upset is your barrier to the experience of health. It's said that our anger and arrogance serve as barriers to optimum health, protecting us from other points of view. Not that this tutorial is THE truth, it's most certainly not; it's merely another point of view. If your mind gets upset with another's point of view you can be assured it's defending a lie.

Through communication we can locate and disappear the source of the upset—most often a childhood/youth interaction with another that's not being remembered correctly (it's stored as a lie)—it's referred to as an incomplete.


One of life's best kept secrets is the correlation between one’s integrity and the experience of health.

Seldom if ever during an examination does one hear a doctor say,

Do you have any unacknowledged perpetrations?

Never does one read in a fitness-spa brochure,

Exercise Class Prerequisite: You must agree to attend our Integrity Clearing Sessions once a week. Exercising or dieting on top of life’s incompletes, the unacknowledged perpetrations (lies, deceits, withholds, and abuses) won't  work. Such incompletes serve as barriers to optimizing a health/fitness program.

Most people don’t address the subject of integrity until they are forced to by circumstancea blaming divorce they unconsciously masterminded, a death of a loved one, loss of income, an accident, or a debilitating disease. The majority attempt to master health (weight/fitness) as though there is no connection between health and integrity. This ignorance serves as a barrier to producing the desired results. That is to say, until ones cleans up their integrity, doubt, however unconscious it may be, remains about the cause of their less-than-satisfying health.

The mind handles your survival.

Left on automatic the mind opts for getting you through an incident but not necessarily with your integrity intact. Its concern is your survival not your happiness. It rationalizes that lying is OK providing it's a "good" reason (i.e. police sting operations)—often fear is a motivator (see Dear Gabby ).

For example:

Mother: to teen daughter—"Where were you?"

Teen: "I was at the library."

The teen actually agreed to meet someone at the library (so that she could say she was at the library) but then sneakily went elsewhere.

This unacknowledged lie, this deception, is still, to this very day, having consequences. The mind has not only blocked out the incident, it has created a reality that arrogantly dismisses the consequences of lies, especially, the "white" ones.

Without a doubt you the reader have dozens (if not thousands) of such perpetrations that have yet to be acknowledged, to yourself or anyone. Most perpetrations have been committed unconsciously. These unacknowledged perpetrations are effecting you daily. Your integrity is such that you will not let you get away with such behavior. You will set up life to get caught so that you can finally commit to telling/living the truth. Read about recidivism.

If your intention is to experience health then you must clean up/restore your integrity. This can be easily done through an integrity clearing process.

Here’s some examples of what an "integrity clearing" is all about.  

1. Who in your life would say that you have treated them abusively?

2. Who in your life would say that you have used them?

3. From whom are you withholding a thought that would upset them if you shared the thought with them?

4. Who would say that you owe them money past due?

5. Who have you badmouthed and have not told them you did so?

Have a friend ask you each of these 5 questions 10 times in a row. If the asker’s intention is to serve you they will support you in extracting (recalling) the #1 incident, the first ever, the one that’s been wreaking all the havoc.

One of the great things about cleaning up life’s messes, also referred to as restoring or putting in one’s integrity, is that once a perpetration has been verbalized to another the karma begins to lift. Most people experience a youthening transformation, such is the weight of unacknowledged perpetrations. Completing these kinds of incompletes creates space for one to manifest their stated intentions, including their health and fitness goals.

Until you restore your integrity you can’t be certain if failed results, thwarted intentions (say a weight problem) are a result of your integrity (your karma if you will) or simply your communication model (how you communicate).

If you clean up life’s perps and things still don’t work, then you have eliminated the possibility that it’s an integrity issue. Then you can begin designing a new communication model, one that supports you in manifesting your stated intentions.

Note 1  A clearing process is a two-person activity (the tutorial coach and you, or you and a friend) —your mind won’t allow you to get to the #1 perpetration (the biggie) it has cleverly buried. Journaling works but it's only a start. Those who have journaled most likely promised themselves they'd to do it each evening but for some "unconscious" reason forgot to the night the mind had no choice to but to recall a biggie, a first.

Note 2  Ultimate integrity is having a mutually satisfying conversation with each of your victims. It's best to clear with a communication-skills coach before attempting this, else it most likely that the mind that created the mess will create even more.

Note 3  All miscommunications, communication breakdowns, broken agreements (thwarted intentions), can be traced to an earlier similar incomplete, or an unacknowledged perpetration. There are virtually no exceptions to this statement.

Note 4  Another supportive site is Reunion Conversations —it supports the "experience of communication" during family, class, or military reunions.

Supportive video: e-motionmovie.co.uk

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