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Definitions: Perpetrations

Perpetration: A perpetration is anything you have done or not done for which you feel badly. In this context it has nothing to do with the law. You may or may not be aware that you feel badly about it due to having so many other perpetrations. If another thinks it's a perpetration and you don't then it's not, at least not for you at this moment; it could be that you are simply unconscious. i.e. Few soldiers have the realization that it's unethical to kill another until they leave the service—while killing they were not aware that they felt badly.

Some examples of perpetrations—

Perhaps you feel badly for having stolen something and, you've cleverly "forgotten" or hid the act from yourself and everyone.

Perhaps you never told anyone that you cheated on an exam.

"Accidents" are how the mind reminds one to restore and maintain their integrity. Ask any pilot who survives a crash and they will tell you that they have reoccurring thoughts that it may have had something to do with an unacknowledged deception, perhaps infidelity.

Quite possibly you led everyone to believe that you were an honest person yet you know you were involved in deceptions.

Perhaps you lied to a date or classmate.

You may have deceived someone you were dating.

Quite possibly you now know that you sabotaged the success of your penmanship teacher.

Examples for Men

Examples for Women

The major life-time negative effects of a perpetration are not just that you did it, but that you have hid it, from yourself, some specific person, or from everyone. You are in fact walking around with no one knowing the real you. That's OK. Most everyone with whom you relate is hiding his/her item of choice from you; they too have become their "honest act." The effect is, your act is relating with everyone else's acts. I say "relating with" instead of "communicating with" because there is no experience of communication when there are withholds in a relationship; such interactions are referred to as talking.