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xx Hawaii Island VOG status (SO2)
July 15, 2008, 11:01:40 AM by Kerry
Here are two links that graphically depict the VOG (SO2) and it's direction.
(Both links work as of 12/5/10 — K.K.)  Updated daily by NOAA satelite.

Hawai'i (Big Isle) Short Term SO2 Alert Index Updated hourly throughout the day.

Email reply from Gilberto Vicente, NOAA - OMISO2: responding to my email reporting that the NOAA satellite had not been displaying for several days in row.

Hi Kerry,

The OMI is in a polar orbit, and only viewed the same place on Earth once a day, during day light time.

The current image in the NOAA web site shows the last swath over Hawaii on July 9, year 08, Julian date 191 and UTC time 20:54. This actual pass over Hawaii happens a little later because this is the time of the first scan line of that swath.

It is + or - 1 hour around that time because the Aura satellite (the one that houses the OMI instrument) precesses each day. Look at the different times in "current", and "previous" images.


UPDATE 3/17/09


Please update your link to


Kerry wrote:
Hi Gilbert,

I assume you folks know that our NOAA satellite report has not been displaying lately, for more than a week.

I use daily to determine if the SO2 is going to be blowing in my direction.

It's been stuck just displaying a small map with no data. I believe the problem began 3/3/09 when it kept displaying the same report for a few days in a row.

With aloha,


Gilberto A. Vicente - Ph.D. - Physical Scientist
NOAA/NESDIS/OSDPD/SSD - Product Implementation Branch
E/SP2, NOAA Science Center, Room 510
5200 Auth Road, Camp Springs, MD 20746, USA
Phone: 301-763-8142 x 160, Fax: 301-899-9196,

Bookmark this page.


PS. Post a reply here for information/advice about residential air purifiers w/HEPA and charcoal filters.
xx Most damaging communications of the decade?
May 11, 2008, 10:26:03 PM by Kerry
Post what you believe to be the most damaging communications of the decade.

I post because I don't have a sense that many are aware of just how hurtful and provoking President Bush's labeling the Chinese as the "evil empire" and "axis of evil" is. It begs for an apology.

To be sure, the invasion of Iraq was an unethical horrendously damaging communication.

Likewise, few are aware of how much it irritates foreigners to read/hear, "God Bless America" as opposed to a more supportive conscious, "God Bless Everyone." What's worse is, most everyone now knows that the phrase upsets foreigners and yet a few still choose to flaunt the phrase. This is abusive.


Last edited 4/25/17
xx Why it's unlikely I'll be President of the USA
May 06, 2008, 10:15:54 PM by Kerry
Jacques-Yves Cousteau, said, when asked what it would take to effect a transformation in the world, specifically for industries to stop polluting the planet, "Only a benevolent green dictator could effect the necessary changes." (paraphrased)

The following could be thought of as my platform for the office of President of the United States. Not to worry, as you read you'll see why it's highly unlikely that anyone would ask me.

  • Zero population growth for Hawaii until self sustainability has been reached and sustained for ten years in a row. This includes an immigration law—one in one out. A strict moratorium on new construction. All it takes is an intention to have Hawaii be self sustainable, requiring no oil or food from elsewhere.
  • Once an area has been inundated by a force of nature, (i.e. Kapoho, Katrina) no future reimbursements will be granted property owners in that area. In other words, the government would not rebuild the levies.
  • The U.S. would either withdraw its membership to the United Nations or immediately honor its dues debt. If a leader, the President of the United States, condones breaking financial agreements he/she automatically grants permission to the populace to not honor agreements.
  • All subsidies to tobacco farmers would cease.
  • Advertising by the pharmaceutical companies would be banned the same as hard liquor ads.
  • The federal government would fund an Advanced Communications Studies Program for Educators. All educators would be required to attend one weekend-long communication skills workshop each year.
  • All references to God or religion will be removed from government structures and communications.
  • All new buildings must be no higher than what the tallest fire truck ladder can reach.
  • Complete free health care for everyone.



xx Tattoos reveal unconsciousness and irresponsibility
May 05, 2008, 09:01:51 PM by Kerry
Let's see, I have enough money to spend on a tattoo or donate to a food-bank/homeless shelter, what shall I do? The answer would be easier to see if your family were struggling hand-to-mouth for survival; the question is ludicrous, it just wouldn't enter the mind to spend money on personal adornment until everyone has been fed.
It's virtually impossible for someone with a tattoo to read this post without having an upset; reading this will trigger the mind to manufacture justifications, explanations, and reasons, and a flaming make-wrong of the article's author. The reader will find him/herself automatically judging and invalidating the thoughts herein. Actions and behaviors made by a person who operates from integrity do not trigger the mind to explain itself. Truths and righteous behaviors, in service to the community and world, need no explanations or rationalizations. A tattoo wearer has no choice but to explain and rationalize his/her purchase.

Some thoughts:
  • What more is there to say?
  • What does it say about our society?
  • Will conversations like this facilitate the completion of this trend? (yes, eventually).
  • When a person is buying a tattoo they are unconscious. No conscious responsible person, knowing the condition of the planet, would think to flaunt their wealth in a hungry person's face.
  • For someone with a tattoo who has since become conscious the tattoo has become a source of embarrassment, of shame. The same can be said of those who spent money on jewelry or body piercings; it's simply irresponsible and inconsiderate to spend money on vanity when people in other families don't have shelter and food.
  • Most everyone who sports a tattoo was told at some time in their childhood that flaunting one's prosperity doesn't feel good to the person who has no discretionary spending money. This is an example of the effects of a truth being delivered from good ideas and hypocrisy versus one delivered from knowingness by a person who walks their talk. If a parent "told" their child to give to the less fortunate but themselves spent their discretionary money inconsiderately then communication did not take place. An example of, "Do as I say not as I do."

I'm not happy with the way this reads now but I wanted to get it out of my mind. I'll come back to rewrite it. More to follow.

I'm open to suggestions.

xx Coqui & VOG supporting the integrity of Realtors
December 20, 2006, 01:00:33 AM by Kerry
The coqui frog (a.k.a. kokee) and the recent increase in VOG supports the integrity of realtors

Back in 1973, as Director of Training for McCormick Realtors, then the largest real estate company in the islands, I made it a point to support agents in informing prospective buyers about all considerations that might cause a buyer to not buy. It's not an easy policy to support. The option between integrity and a sales can test an agent.

For example:
    Few agents today go door to door and ask, "Can you tell me three good things and three not so good things about this neighborhood? i.e. "Are the neighbor's dogs quite? Have you had any break-ins or vandalism?  Are there any instances of abuse, (verbal yellings, children screaming etc.?)"
Lately real estate agents are faced with additional challenging choices, whether or not to communicate the coqui frog noise and the seriousness of the VOG. I use the word "communicate" because it's more than just saying, "Oh, by the way, this neighborhood has coqui frogs or roosters."  While such a warning might be considered legally sufficient it's certainly not ethical. For many, especially, mainlanders who have just moved to Hawaii, the noise for some is beyond their wildest imagination.

A verbal warning doesn't recreate for the buyer the experience. The agent needs to say,
My understanding is that this neighborhood has coqui frogs. I don't know how loud they are here but it's possible they could cause you to have buyer's remorse once you've unpacked and are sitting on your retirement lanai. I'd like to schedule an evening visit with you to the property so that you can experience first-hand whether or not it's something you can live with.

It's altogether possible for a buyer with buyer's remorse to ask for their money back because the coqui noise or the VOG was not mentioned on the DROA contract. For some the coqui and the VOG are health problems. For a sales agent to not "communicate" these conditions is unconscionable.

I'm wondering just how a Realtor communicates about the VOG so the prospective buyer knows exactly what it means.

Post here if you know of a real estate company that does include an evening on-site coqui experience of the property for each and every prospective buyer; they deserve to be acknowledged and supported.

Could it be that the coqui and the VOG will serve to cut back development? Wouldn't that be something?
xx Fix Up & Handy Persons -- Please Share Good & Bad!
December 15, 2006, 01:19:49 PM by Kerry
Fix Up & Handy Persons -- Please Share Good & Bad! Posted by Island Mike

Hello, Lots of things could be discussed with this forum. One I run into often is "who do you call...?" to fix that sink you can't or are afraid to mess with; add a fence; fix da hole in the wall; add an outlet; replace the garbage disposer. You get the drift. Maybe you aren't all fingers and can do your handy chorse yourself but I think a lot of us could use a lead or two to a good worker source.

If we all spoke up about the good workers and also those who we might want to steer away from, wouldn't that be a valuable resource to have access to, and well suited to this tool provided here?
xx What to say to a rude cell phone user
December 15, 2006, 01:19:19 PM by Kerry
What to say to a rude cell phone user.

Ans: 1. Say nothing. It's a setup. You're being goaded to point out their inconsiderateness so that they can vent some of their pent-up anger.

It's unlikely that you have the verbal communication skills to pull off a mutually satisfying conversation with them, one that will effect a transformation. Theirs is a covert abusive communication rooted in a childhood incomplete. They are in fact addicted to abuse and need their daily fix. If they can hook you into criticizing them their reactionary upset gives them something to do other than experience the pain underneath their contempt for your serenity.

Keep in mind that all cell phone users have read the articles—that others find it distracting, if not irritating, to have to listen to another's cell phone conversation. So you already know that they operate from a place of contempt and disregard for the space of others. They make this choice consciously, much like a barking dog owner does.

Is there an alternative? Is there something besides trying to engage them verbally or with stink-eye, or by means of integrity-compromising (upset stuffing) silence? Yes.

After reading this article you’ll now have a choice. To hand them this clipping or to reward/reinforce their abuse. Silence on your part is in fact an empowering communication. Silence unwittingly sets it up for them to do it to another. Like a driver who purposefully thwarts others in going the speed limit an inconsiderate cell phone user has yet to discover the correlation between their manners and the results they are producing in life and relationships. Unconsciously what they are looking for is someone who won't buy into their act, someone who will support them in getting to the source of their anger.

What you can do is give them this clipping. It's called service. It will serve them.

Here are two possibilities that could come from your service:

1) They will read this and have a visceral experience of embarrassment and uncomfortableness. The ideal response is if they don't say anything to you. They will know that their cry for help got gotten, and, at some level, they will respect the courage it took to deliver this communication—knowing that you risked their wrath. Your communication will impact them for life.

2) They will read it and it will trigger upset, or anger, or even rage. In other words, if the person is abusing others (read – needs to be caught) say in their personal relationship, they will have no choice but to react. Like a puppet, they will be driven to abuse you even more, with attitudinal posturing or stink-eye or even verbally. If you are steadfast in your commitment to service, letting them vent and walk away from you still upset, you not having said anything, they will have an experience later at home of what THEY did, rather than what you did or said. Ironically, whatever they say is what you need to hear for your growth.

Ans 2.  Mastery is—intending what's so to be so. That is to say, you can't create anything until you can create (intend) the now. In short, intend that they keep doing it until it doesn't bother you. It might be time to be more considerate of where you frequent and judge.
When you serve you are served.

Feel free to make copies of this blog.
xx Some thoughts about breast implants
December 15, 2006, 01:18:47 PM by Kerry
Some thoughts about breast implants

Not that it would change a woman’s mind but I'd feel better if I knew that every woman considering breast implants read the following. I write because I think someone should say something, and, because I want to feel somewhat better for stating my point of view.

I’m certain I speak for many men, and no doubt a considerable number of women, when I say that for many of us breast implants are a turn off. More and more I find myself repulsed by starlets who have disproportionately large breasts. The word pathetic comes to mind. CBS's Survivor is a typical example with its token silicone endowed participants. Unfortunately most of these breasts are easy to spot because they look unnaturally hard and bulging. There’s nothing soft about them. When viewing TV with someone quite often one hears them say, “They’re fake.” Or “I bet they aren’t real.” —always commented on in a put-down disparaging way.

It’s understood that many women have such an operation because they believe they will feel better about themselves. Many women who have had the operation say this is so. There’s no arguing about this. I suggest that any woman contemplating spending money on implants spend an equal amount on therapy beforehand to see if they could arrive at feeling whole and complete they way they are. My sense is that the inner radiant beauty that would come from such introspection would be far more lasting and much healthier.

It’s reported that one of the main reasons a woman enlarges her breasts is because she believes that men will find her more attractive; to include visions of increased job opportunities. However, many of us watching this trend can’t help but wonder what’s going on with a man who can only be caught by big breasts. What woman in her right mind would want to attract such a “Shallow Hal?” Is such a catch desirable? Might a man predisposed to unnatural fake large breasts reveal later to have been lying, both to the woman and to himself? I’m absolutely certain that many a husband married to an implant recipient cannot now tell her the truth for fear of hurting her obviously already fragile self-image. I suspect a simple, "My preference would be that they were normal" would devastate many a spouse.

It hard to imagine why a single woman would purposefully disfigure her body thereby absolutely ensuring that a large percentage of the male population would never consider anything more than an arm’s length relationship with her. It’s sad because I'm sure there are many who would have found her natural size to be the preferred size. It's possible some males look at a woman with implants and suspect it reveals the need for therapy and so they unconsciously dismiss them as a mate choice.

I’m equally turned off by my fellow males, the ones who purport to be turned on by fake hard imitation breasts; more so, because women feel such a need to satisfy them.

Notice that I haven’t mentioned the psychological ramifications of implants? Suffice it to say, my experience has been that people who cannot be happy the way they are—are always finding something wrong. I’m also disappointed with the plastic surgeons who ask their obligatory "Are you sure you want to?" in such a way as to cause the client to say, "Oh yes." It seems as though each client needs to be asked, “Do you realize that if you opt for the size you say you want that they will look hard and fake, whereas if you go one size smaller it will be more consistent with your proportions and won’t turn off as many people?” And, most importantly, “Do you know that you are creating a barrier to the experience of communication? —that is to say, any new person you meet will be unable to be with you because a part of his/her mind will be with your fake breasts while they process internally the accompanying judgments rattling around in their mind; all this is going underneath the normal small talk.”

Large breasts are a covert way to control others. Most people are automatically driven to glance at the bulging breasts during the introductory conversation rather than the woman's eyes. Few new aquantences have the integrity to truthfully verbally share their first experience and so these thoughts and experiences become withholds, incompletes, barriers to the experience of communication.

Lastly, there is the issue of life's priorites. Let's see, should I spend money on fake breasts or donate the money to a local food bank. Adornments such as diamond rings, tatoos, and implants? —absolutely, once everyone is fed and sheltered.

Read: "Breast obsessed boyfriend wants me to get implants."
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