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Use this blog to empty your mind. Reoccurring thoughts occupy space, they serve as barriers to the experience of communication, of creativity, and joyous love.

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* Potential Rumors

Potential Rumors

Potential Rumors is an example of thinking outside the box. Such thoughts appear in the space created by clearing the mind.* Potential Rumors exemplifies a communication model in which a communication begins from nothing—not knowing—a space referred to as potential. Conversely, all problems persist via talking—the content of which is dredged from the mind.

For example: If you were to ask an enlightened individual, "What's the purpose of life?" there's a fifty-percent chance** that they would begin with, "Gosh I don't know; let me think about it for a second." And then they'd probably tell you, "The purpose of life is to survive."

* Go here to read how clearings work. When you empty your mind it creates space for new thoughts/ideas (excellent for poets, musicians and authors). After clearing you'll find yourself generating new conversations; which gives rise to the phrase, "With a clear mind one see."

** The premise: Fifty percent of the time one is not enlightened and knows nothing.

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