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Title: Hawaii increases fireworks permit tax
Post by: Kerry on May 29, 2016, 11:07:56 PM
A news report I'd like to read:

Hawaii increases taxes for firework permits so that taxes completely pay for the extra costs of the usual  public safety services during the days of celebrations.

Reports a spokesperson; the police and fire departments have been asked to submit what it has cost them (above normal day-by-day expenses) to service their communities during the New Year and Fourth of July celebrations. The fireworks permit tax would equal the total costs divided by the number of permits issued over the the past 3 years.

For example:
Police Department expenses:
The costs to respond to 911 calls relating to fireworks
The costs for overtime pay for officers.
The costs to clear roads of smoke-related accidents.

Fire Department expenses:

Number of real and false alarms relating to fireworks (an alarm being each incident in which one or more fire trucks or ambulances from a fire station respond to an incident).
Cost of helicopter responses relating to a fireworks incident.

For example:

If the combined additional expenses for the police and fire department services have averaged $100,000.00 per year for the past 3 years, and firework permit requests have averaged 50 applications per year then the tax for each permit (whether it be for 10 or 100 fire crackers, sparklers, rockets, etc.) will be $2000.00 per permit. The fine for any non-permitted fireworks will be $2000.00.

Additionally, police are advised to not reveal the name of the person who called to report a fire works violation so that citizens will free free to call and report violations without fear of reltaliation. 

Permitted individuals will be listed on the Internet for neighbors to confirm.