Author Topic: Female cadets at West Point and the code of honor  (Read 5859 times)


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Female cadets at West Point and the code of honor
« on: May 30, 2007, 09:35:51 AM »
As known as, all old military schools include West Point only recruited male students at the beginning of establishment. Later, with the rise of woman’s rights and liberation of society, the female students appear in the military school.
The first year after entering the West Point, female students feel confused when facing a new environment. It is may not for men that not good-fitting uniforms and shoes, but it’s doubt that women must overcome those obstacles. They are not allowed to making-up, long hairs, and it is seems that duties will be not end. They suffered from senior students’ isolation and ridicule for their embarrassment which make them cried.
The new students have to live for 4 years. The first year is the most difficult. They have 4 weeks for holidays one year. As a new students, no matter what male or female, they might be punished by higher students. Or sound is not sonority, or getting up late for a minute, or shoes are not bright, or hairs are too long. The most common punishment in West Point military school is to take five hours to line up in the school playground on Saturday morning. General Eisenhower was punished at that time.


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Re: The female students in West Point
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