Author Topic: Survey: Hajab's — a clear communication  (Read 64 times)


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Survey: Hajab's — a clear communication
« on: February 13, 2018, 01:58:40 AM »
Here in Hawaii women have the option of wearing a flower behind and ear as a relationship communication—behind the left ear (as with a wedding ring), behind the right ear is a space-creating relationship communication.

For women who don't want to mislead any man, a hijab, like a flower in the left ear, is an unmistakable communication. I've notice that Muslims who wear hijabs do not, unlike Western women, send mixed messages by wearing clothing that invites men to look and then resist responsibility for certain consequences.

I predict that as we develop our abilities to be with others and as we master physical fitness and our health then bodies will vary less and therefore not be what causes attractions. We won't be concerned with hair styles because everyone will have short hair in support of water conservation. As with many K-12 schools, clothing styles will be eliminated by uni-sex clothing thereby saving consumers billions trying to look good/better/sexier.

I also envision that auto makers will be required to adopt Volkswagen's initial business model; no body style changes, all parts interchangeable over the years. Internal efficiency improvements only. Or, possibly as Joe Cowles, formerly Budar Advertising, envisioned—you buy a body and the chassis will be unbolted and lifted-exchanged for a low-cost maintenance contract.