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There definitely is a secret society
« on: January 27, 2018, 12:51:55 AM »
The secret society I speak of is one of intenders; those who intend for things to be exactly as they are, and, intend all outcomes.*

This society is so secret even it's members know of each other's existence only by the results they are co-producing. In other words, what's "happening" in the world is a manifestation of this society's intentions, both conscious and unconscious. For example: About 50% of the population were unaware that they were unconsciously intending the likes of a President such as Donald Trump.

Members of this secret society are not active in any other group; one or more live near you but only occasionally do they reveal themselves. Why? because all members of other groups are addicted to blaming, to arguing and to being right. A conscious person does not choose to be invalidated or verbally abused.

To be an effective co-leader in this society requires a commitment to honoring one's word (time agreements, doing what you say you'll do) and a commitment to responsibly acknowledging all abuses (verbal, non-verbal, physical, and psychic) to the "victim" of your abuse, and a commitment to communicating openly, honestly, and spontaneously—zero significant withholds with friends and partners.

Membership begins once one has communicated life's perpetrations (usually via a journal or a clearing) to someone of respect.

The society intends the results produced by all other societies. 

* Premises:

One is always being a leader, manifesting his/her intentions; just because one is not aware of an intention doesn't mean they, using their leadership-communication skills, didn't produced the result. For example: A couch potato unconsciously intends all results produced by his/her county council.

A result produced via an unconscious intention, a result other than what one said/believed they wanted, reveals unconsciousness. For example: Parent to child, "Time for homework." Later the parent notices the child is still watching TV. The child is bringing to the parent's attention that he/she (the parent) is unconscious; there is an incomplete in the space that's serving as a barrier to communication. A child unconsciously thwarts a parent when there is an out-integrity in the space. 

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