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About transparency in the workplace
« on: December 02, 2017, 02:17:26 AM »
A 12/2/17 program on HPR discussed some of the considerations about transparency in the workplace, specifically about all employees knowing each other's pay and, all employees being able to both access and provide input to each other's performance evaluations.

Transparency is about openness and honesty; everyone knows most everything about the company. Significant meetings are videotaped for everyone to see. Such a system is referred to as a meritocracy; a system in which leadership, pay, and promotions are based upon ability and performance.  New hires and equipment, expansion investments, and salary decisions are voted on by all employees.*

One particular concern for those applying to work for such an organization, someone committed to telling the truth, is how to answer the question when a job interviewer asks, "How much did you make in your last job?" In a non-meritocracy organization in which few know anyone's salary, your answer would be a significant factor in determining the salary they would offer you. The narrator of the HPR program didn't mention that if the new company has a transparency policy then, as a new hire, one can be certain that his/her salary will be consistent with what all employees have voted for it to be. 

* In such a company everyone knows hourly (typically posted on a lunchroom monitor) the statistics for the day, month, and year. i.e. Contacts-presentations vs sales, itemized expenses, attendance, accidents, promotions, birthdays, employee's newborns, etc.  Everyone is completely aware of what needs to take place for the business to survive, including safely managed retirement funds; there are no surprise layoffs. Most importantly, all communications are delivered responsibly, zero blame or gossiping.

Note: If you would like to have a Skype-type video conversation with a leadership-relationship communication-skills coach about starting a meritocracy, or about transitioning to or even transforming a present system into a meritocracy, do The Clearing Process —it's free**; it will give you an excellent experience of the leadership communication-skills that support meritocracy.  For example: You can never attract and retain a partner or employee who is more honest than you. A boss involved in deceptions causes (yes causes) those around him/her to withhold their own thoughts of choice. Deceptors attract deceptors—there no exceptions. 

** Reading about The Clearing Process supports communication mastery—most are not ready to play with such integrity.
I believe a group, company or organization should never be larger than one in which there are no secrets. The first thought withheld from a partner in any relationship negatively affects the integrity and outcomes. —Kerry

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