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Value From Working With Kerry
« on: November 11, 2017, 08:00:16 PM »
Hi Kerry

I thank you for the time you've spent with me in direct communications, in clearings and in our consultation by videoconferencing and for the time, effort and wisdom that you put into your publications online. Working with you and learning through reading your articles has been transformational for me. In particular, I have a newfound awareness of a part of myself that I'd been unable to access even after years of personal growth work and psychotherapy. You enabled me to get that I had denied the part of me that is my father. Although I had an intellectual understanding of this from previous work, I'd remained unable to actually do anything about it and I hadn't got this at a deep level until now. It was a real "Aha!" moment for me and I'm very grateful. Being afraid to be anything like my father was a major part of how I had set myself up to be abused by others. I now see that there are circumstances where it's entirely appropriate for me to behave in a way that I had previously dismissed as undesirable because I'd made a decision at a young age that "I'll never be like my father!". It has also adversely affected my relationships with women and I've attracted partner after partner who is abusive. Being the "Sensitive New Age Guy" (SNAG) does indeed have a snag ;D, as it only got me so far in life and overall it has worked against me by unconsciously communicating that I'm a doormat to be walked all over. Every time I let someone trample over me, I lost a bit more self-respect, until I eventually came to treat myself with the same abusiveness as I created in others. I'm glad to now be able to restore balance by bringing back the "father energy" that I had disowned for so long and I acknowledge you for creating the space in which I was able to get this.

Thank you.