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Media's reporting of inappropriate communication "victims."
« on: October 14, 2017, 01:26:28 AM »
I'm having a problem with the media's reporting of many of Harvey Weinstein's "victims." I've yet to hear a "victim" communicate responsibly, from cause, as to how she, using her leadership communication-skills, seduced Harvey into seducing her; most sound like a blaming Leah Remini Scientology "They did it to me victim."   Whaaat? Too soon? Perhaps it's not yet time evolution-wise to address our addiction to blaming and to enabling blamers—evidenced by the fact that the media continually enables blamers.*

I learned about choices and who to work and socialize with during K-12. Throughout life I have learned to not work for the mafia, or to accept an invitation to a church's pot-luck, or a White Supremacist's Social. Why? Because most of us intuit the possibilities. We know the actual, ethics, morals, and values of our mostly male dominated entertainment, business and legal world. A person of integrity cannot survive in most businesses except that they are continually compromising their integrity.  I.e. A teen girl who conned boys into paying for her dates (a girl who opted to seduce a boy into marrying her to take care of her financially, one who did not choose to become a professional) seldom makes the connection between her unacknowledged out-integrities and undesirable consequences later in life.

As a teen I knew to look for girls who could be conned into deceiving her parents so as to have sex. A "No possibility of sex" is clearly communicated non-verbally; it's a visceral aura of "on-purpose" with tinges of self-righteousness. For such a determined woman it would unethical to date (or even "accidentally" mislead) someone not of her social-economic status. TV and movies are rife with plots about the folly of dating one's boss. No teen girl has not said to herself, while watching a movie of some slick dude conning an "innocent" girl into going to his apartment, "No! No! Don't go! He's want to get in your pants."

People who work in certain professions generate specific predictable problems that cause one to compromise his/her integrity hourly.  Such compromises always generate undesirable and appropriate karma, specifically, zero experiences of joy and happiness each day.

Some examples:

1. In most police departments all the "good" cops vote daily, non-verbally, to retain at least one dishonest fellow officer, thereby submitting the public to ....  —such a compromise serves as a barrier to joy. The same phenomenon applies to law enforcement spouses who know at least one fellow-spouse who is involved in adultery/deceptions.

2. Most every teacher knows at least one fellow teacher who should not be teaching children, yet these ostensibly "good" teachers daily submit children to this wanna be teacher—always for reasons. 

3. Most employees thwart their boss/supervisors by non-verbally condoning badmouthing by others.

Having facilitated thousands of hours of one-to-one 3-hr leadership-relationship communication-skills coaching sessions I've never come across anyone who could not recall how they caused a particular outcome—the specific communication that was the turning point that revealed their cause for an outcome; all can recall their (at-the-time) hidden agenda—what they were unconsciously up to. For example: A "victim" of cheating unconsciously masterminding their divorce.

* No conscious responsible reporter would support such blaming, therefore the reports don't speak well for the self-policing integrity of the media.

Here's more about "date rape".

Note: The media and I have been afraid to address responsibility.

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