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President Trump inspires genuine communication
« on: October 05, 2017, 10:08:03 PM »
I believe that President Trump's legacy will be as the leader who inspired universities to require leadership-communication training of all education and healthcare majors (none do now).* Such a curriculum will facilitate the transition from the present Adversarial Communication Model** being taught to students nationwide to the Intentional Communication Model (a.k.a.  Mutually Satisfying Communication Model).

Most agree that President Trump is causing more people to participate in conversations about truth. Teens can see the effects of his bragging, badmouthing, blaming and lying; specifically, that it works. One doesn't need to tell the truth to be a powerful influence. More than ever, teens question our sanity, our intelligence, that we, the populace, are so ineffectual, so powerless. I've yet to see a reporter have Trump acknowledge a single lie. (NY Times: "Trump Told Lies or Falsehoods Every Day for His First 40 Days.")   

Trump is training our teens to be even more disrespectful of authority and leadership. Could it be that a younger generation will get so fed up with our enabling behaviors that they will wrest control of all governments?

* Trump's behaviors speak volumes about the graduates and staff of the "prestigious" college of Wharton. What does it say about our entire education system?

** The Adversarial Communication Model is characterized by win-lose-get-ahead at the expense of others, badmouthing gossip, and deceit (withholding significant thoughts in significant relationships).  i.e. The majority of couples, during a heated divorce, reveal our addiction to blame. Our nation's Speech-Communication teachers don't teach students how to communicate responsibly.

Trump is revealing the curriculum required for mutually satisfying communication mastery. That is to say, Trump has mastered a particular way of communicating (a communication model) that doesn't feel good to most; it causes confusion and worry.

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