Author Topic: Hawaii designates "Amnesty Week" for children.  (Read 226 times)


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Hawaii designates "Amnesty Week" for children.
« on: August 02, 2017, 10:52:42 PM »
A news report I'd like to read.

Hawaii designates an entire week for children to acknowledge presently unacknowledged withholds and perpetrations. The week will start with a media blitz from newspapers and radio announcements.


1) Children have no choice other than to mirror the integrity of their parents. Parents who withhold certain thoughts from each other teach their child to deceive them as well. The majority of parents are unaware that they are teaching their children to lie—evidenced by the fact that most dating teens con each other into deceiving both sets of parents so as to have sex.

2) Children are integrity meters for parents. A child will misbehave, pout, get sick, fail in school or life so as to draw to someones attention that he/she is not in open and honest communication with anyone. They know what it was like when their parents were in-communication with each other, and them, and it hasn't happened lately. A child honestly believes (no matter any words to the contrary) that they are causing the friction between parents, "If I were a loving child they would be happy, therefore I don't inspire love."

3) A child who is yelled at at home is ripe for bullying at school. Specifically, a parent's verbal abuse that was not later acknowledge by the parent as being abusive. For example: Parent: "I get that my yelling at you earlier today was abusive."

4) A child who experienced the trauma of parents verbally abusing each other, cannot totally be with their subject matter in school, not until both parents verbally acknowledge (to their child) that they know that their argument didn't feel good.

Children have been taught to withhold certain thoughts from parents. These thoughts, referred to as withholds, serve as barriers to reading comprehension and composition—evidenced by the fact that 25% of the nation's college applicants require remedial comprehension and composition classes.

Amnesty Week is an agreement between parents and their child that gives their child permission to verbally acknowledged all thoughts and perpetrations without punishments, lectures, or "good" advice—so as to restore/create/maintain a condition of integrity.

The agreement: Parent to child: I promise that you may communicate all perpetrations, (lies, deceits, thefts, abuses) all resentments and things you'd change about me, without any punishments. I understand that if I communicate* disapproval when you share something that it could shut down communication between us.

*  "communicate" verbally, non-verbally, psychically, physically.  For example: If you share that you lied or stole something and I non-verbally wince or express shock or disapproval then you'll know that I am not a safe space for you to share all thoughts with me. My agreement with you is to not comment on what you share, to not offer advice, to not punish you or make you make restitution, nor will I take away privileges.

For more read, The [free] Clearing Process for a Parent and a Young Person/Teen

It's understood that Amnesty Week is an educational gimmick, a way to bring to light the correlation between personal integrity and outcomes. It's a way for parents to learn how to be a safe space for truths to be told. It's about open, honest, and spontaneous communication, zero significant thoughts withheld.

More to come.

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