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Vehicles with extra wide tires
« on: January 27, 2016, 10:14:59 PM »
The law states that tires must not extend beyond the fender. One of the reasons for the law is so that gravel doesn't get thrown back on to another's windshield.

I see dozens of vehicles with extra-wide tires that extend beyond the fender. A driver who ignores this law holds the rest of us, including the police, in contempt. They know from experience that police won't warn or ticket them.

Most would agree that someone who doesn't obey one law probably doesn't obey others (such as valid vehicle insurance or legal license plates).

Supervisors know that if an employee does sloppy/incomplete work, (in this case, a police officer consciously choosing to allow wide tires) that they, the officer, have one or more other perpetrations for which they have yet to be acknowledged (caught). It's called setting it up to have another (a supervisor) restore ones integrity, to do complete work.  A supervisor who is not conscious, who him/herself supports sloppy work, does not inspire respect.

Put another way, "wide tires" are a driver's way of unconsciously requesting to be caught, to be supported in restoring their integrity.

The absence of illegal license plates or wide tires are an excellent indicator of the integrity of a police department. Another indicator is accurate (all pukas filled in) legible reports consistently handed in on time. Police always mirror the integrity of their supervisor and of its community members. It could be said that wide tires in a community reveal a breakdown in communication between supervisors,  officers and the community. A police officer who operates with integrity does not choose to thwart a respected supervisor.