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Hawaii to honor veterans, senior citizens, and its pets
« on: December 27, 2015, 10:28:21 PM »
A news report I'd like to see.

Hawaii votes to honor veterans, senior citizens, and its pets.

Hawaii's citizens have voted to discontinue permitting firework sales for New Years, 4th of July and all other celebrations.1

The new policy exemplifies aloha by honoring veterans, senior citizens and frightened pets. "Thank you for your service" takes on an additional meaning to both veterans and senior citizens; the no more private fireworks policy expresses genuine compassion and consideration.

We have long ignored the fact that we know fireworks negatively affect many of our neighbors. Self-serving reasons and justifications (never voiced directly to a wheezing 90-yr-old senior's face)2 have served as excuses for these health-debilitating serenity-disturbing premeditated abuses.3

Most everyone intuitively knows that fire cracker explosions disturb many veterans who experience flashbacks of their war experiences.4 Most pets are traumatized, some hide in fear. Typically, traffic (especially on Oahu) slows to a crawl because of the thick smog-like smoke—more so if the trade winds aren't blowing it away. Fire departments continually warn about safety and the surge of fires caused by accidents. Hospitals continually report costly emergency-room firework accidents.

"We've all known that firework noise and smoke affects our senior citizens living in the neighborhood—many have respiratory problems such as asthma." The new regulation supports the spirit of aloha. It's just not loving to celebrate in a way that detracts from the health and serenity of our neighbors.

Noise you create that unconsciously intrudes into another's space is merely inconsiderate. 50% of the distance between you and another is your space; if another can hear your noise than you are violating their sanctity. If you have a thought that your noise might be disturbing another and you ignore your conscience then the noise turns from being unconscious to being premeditated and abusive. We all agree that there are different karmic consequences for unconscious and conscious abuse.

1 Counties will continue to provide public firework displays.

2 The non-verbal communication to vets and seniors has been something like: "Yah, I know it bothers you but our traditional celebration is more important than your health and well-being."

3 Premeditated: How can a celebration with the purpose of bringing good luck work if it knowingly abuses others in the community? The karma for premeditated abuse (choosing to disturb another), though not always immediate, is always appropriate.

4 The community's non-verbal communication to veterans goes something like: "Thank you for your service; we know the explosions and the smell of gunpowder trigger traumatic memories for some of you but we really don't care enough about your health, the peace you fought for."

Note: Emailed to Senator Russell Ruderman 2/15/17

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