Author Topic: Hawaii's residents & visitors to pay for emergency helicopter extractions  (Read 672 times)


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New report I'd like to read:

Hawaii's legislators approved a law that will charge anyone (visitors and residents) who requires airborne medical evacuation to pay for the pilot and crew, the EMS medic, and the costs to fuel and operate a helicopter. Such costs per rescue are typically around $25,000.00.* Visitors are advised to include hiking-sports medical evacuation coverage in their trip insurance. It's irresponsible to expect Hawaii's tax-paying residents to pay $25,000.00 for one's sporting "accident."

The Coast Guard does not levy charges for air or sea rescues.

* The seemingly exorbitant fee covers a number of expenses—essentially, a privately chartered flight or ambulance with the benefit of expensive life-saving equipment and highly skilled, trained pilots and medical professionals. —medical-evacuation-costs