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Health care in-processing to include integrity questions
« on: September 26, 2015, 12:45:24 AM »
A news article I'd like to read:

Our nation's health care professionals have agreed to include clearing questions at the very beginning of each client/patient appointment.*

States one therapist— "As we health care professionals acknowledge and complete our own perpetrations (as we restore and maintain our integrity) we have vowed to begin each client appointment with clearing questions, such as, "What thought are you withholding from whom?" or, "For what would you like to be acknowledged?" or, "Communicate the first time you deceived someone." or, "Communicate your first lie." or, a very valuable question: "What thoughts are associated with your health problem?"

Premise #1: A health care professional doctor can't be certain to what degree their own integrity is affecting the very health of his/her patients—both the doctor's and a patient's outcomes.

Premise #2: A health care professional can't be certain if the source of a patient's problem has to do with  unacknowledged perpetrations until they conduct a clearing during the very first appointment.**

For example:

The term clearing is taken from communication-skills coaching.  A communication-skills coach facilitates problem solving by locating the truth, the cause of a problem.  i.e. "Things were going great ... and then something "happened,"*** an interaction (a verbal, non-verbal, physical or psychic communication), with someone, somewhere?"
    Usually the consequence of verbal abuse between two (say a condescending put-down that hasn't been cleaned up through to mutual satisfaction), has an emotional effect on both partners. Neither feel as whole and complete (alive) as they were before the incident.  Thereafter each similar incident detracts more and more from their aliveness, their very energy. Eventually unacknowledged perpetrations begin to affect one's immune system—toxins aren't excreted, muscles become sore—ultimately it manifests in ones physical health."
A clearing question at the beginning of each client appointment supports a client in acknowledging the correlation between say, a thought they have been withholding from their mother since high school (that they conned their date into deceiving both sets of parents so as to have sex) and a persistent mental/physical problem having to do with intercourse

A clearing question reminds a patient that non-verbal communications (thoughts withheld for reasons) have  as much an effect as do the ones that are communicated verbally (equally as much).

* Reports a spokesperson for the National Association of Health Care Professionals, ". . . it's time for us to acknowledge the correlation between integrity and health. Given a choice, each of us would prefer a brain surgeon who was not cheating on his/her spouse. We can't prove that a health-care professional's integrity, whether they have been acknowledged for all of  life's perpetrations, affects their client's healing, we just "know" that there is a correlation."

**If a health care professional is dragging around incompletes into each present-day interaction, then it's unlikely he/she will be a safe space for candor.

*** The word "happened" is a smokescreen that avoids acknowledging one's cause. Stated responsibly; "And then I did or said, or didn't do or say something . . . which caused . . ." Most relationships are doomed before the first date, because each partner is dragging around unacknowledged perpetrations that affects all outcomes.

Some examples:

1) If you conned your partner into having sex behind the backs of both sets of parents then your integrity will set up life to remind you to acknowledge the deception; all lies and all truths have karma. Arrogance is thinking you got away with a perpetration. Arrogance always begs to be humbled. Acknowledging a perpetration completes the negative karma.

2) If your date asked you what happened between you and your ex and they end up not liking your ex, then you have blamed and badmouthed another for which there are undesirable consequences. Karma is always timely and appropriate. Any lie affects one's energy and aliveness, eventually one's health.

The Clearing Process is about acknowledging life's good and "bad" deeds. It's about starting over again with a squeaky clean slate. The memories will be there but you will not be at effect of the negative karma.

Excerpted from Communications in Support of Health.

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