Author Topic: Hawaii legislator supports right to die  (Read 900 times)


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Hawaii legislator supports right to die
« on: August 20, 2015, 02:23:50 AM »
A news report I'd like to read.

Hawaii legislator announces legislation permitting a person to choose to die.

Read: WikipediaŚRight to die for other's considerations about the subject.

Do you support your neighbor's right to choose to die? Or, do you insist that they live and accept your commitment to mediocrity, your non-verbal support of hypocrisy.

Are you aware that your leadership-communication-skills, how you've been taught to communicate, cause 300,000 vets nationwide to be homeless each night? No young parent envisioned that their leadership-communication skills would drive their precious child out onto the streets after serving their country.

Are you aware that your non-verbal leadership-communication skills train teens to con each other, and both sets of parents, so as to have sex? In other words, our teachers teach teens and parents to deceive each other. Did you know that the hypocrisy of parents, teachers, clergy, and the community's leaders drives teens crazy, to drink and go unconscious?

Perhaps you don't know that our leaders support the United States in breaking its agreement to pay its annual United Nations Membership dues; we have been in arrears for decades. Our leaders are ignorant of the correlation between personal integrity and outcomes, of the consequences of breaking financial agreements. It's a subject not taught in schools.

In other words, is it fair to ask another to live in your world in which your non-verbal leadership-communication skills cause 40% of Hawaii's university freshman to require remedial reading and comprehension classes? Does your mind, while reading the above, react with, "Yah but . . ."

It's unethical to force anyone to live in a community committed to mediocrity.

If we're not going to commit ourselves to mastering communication then we should allow others to legally opt out of the game. I say legally because we presently non-verbally manipulate others into resorting to acceptable ways of killing themselves slowly (poor eating habits, drinking, drugs).

BTW: There is a way to communicate that will cause teachers to teach what they are being paid to teach.