Author Topic: Concerns about a Big Isle Charter School  (Read 6060 times)


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Concerns about a Big Isle Charter School
« on: October 27, 2010, 12:55:24 AM »
Posted originally by "Confused" on Dear Gabby's "Ask Gabby your own question" and moved to this forum by Kerry, the moderator for both forums.

Dear Gabby,

Lower Puna has a wonderful charter school. Iíve heard this over and over, but recently started questioning that "wonderful school's" judgment. I donít have children of my own but my problem is, that there are a couple people working there that I know from just living in the same community. Iím not sure I would want my kids learning from. Itís known that there are at least two "recovering" meth addicts, one ex prostitute and one with provocative seminude photos online. All working or volunteering at school helping our kids. Some even on the school board. Are these the best people the schools are able to find to teach and help make decisions for our islands keiki? I just think that the school system should be a little more selective with who the schools are allowed to let "help" our kids. I dont want to get involved in something like being more specific, I just kind of wanted to hear someone elses opinion on the matter.
Thank you,



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Re: Concerns about a Big Isle Charter School
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2010, 01:16:12 AM »
Hi Confused,

I sure do appreciate your concerns and admire your willingness to be responsible for the education of our young.

I donít know much about charter schools or the prerequisites for its staff and teachers. Perhaps someone can share their experiences here.

My experience has been that communications such as yours shed light and eventually effect positive outcomes.

To increase the chances of someone posting feedback Iíve taken the liberty of re-posting your concerns here on the Big Island Forum "Education/School/Student/Teacher Concerns" ó "Education Concerns on the Big Isles." ó Concerns about a Big Isle Charter School.

With aloha,


Update: 1/21/17
After re-reading and being with my reply for a while I realized that it doesn't suggest something you or I could do. In truth I don't have the communication skills to effectively address the conditions you mention. My experience has been that the vast majority of teachers are missing certain leadership skills. The curriculum for education majors doesn't include leadership training (courses, seminars, workshops, Yes, Trainings, No. A training addresses Integrity Clearing and Maintenance and, processes that allow one to acknowledge and experience their ego; as such teachers have a difficult time simply "getting" another's considerations. Were we to even mention our consdierations they would have no choice other than to argue in defense of the thinking that supports those considerations. Subordinates always mirror the integrity of the boss, (i.e. Trump and us). A boss who operates from integrity magically attracts perfect employees; a boss who has integrity issues attracts employees who have integrity issues. Couples who have integrity issues (incompletes) always attract partners with the exact same number of withholds. The are no exceptions to this entanglement phenomenon (read The God Effect).

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