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Submit feedback about your workshop experience,
« on: December 15, 2006, 01:01:20 PM »
An acknowledgment process for Community Communications' workshop participants:

If you have participated in one or more communication skills workshops presented by Community Communications then use this forum to complete your experience to date.

Walking around with thoughts such as, "It was great," or, "It sucked," are equally mind occupying. Telling your truth creates space for new realizations and more value.

The premise: If you empty your mind of all thoughts about your workshop experience you will expand upon its value. Your feedback will anchor in the value and acknowledge yourself and others.

Your feedback will validate what worked and acknowledge that which didn't work for you.

Acknowledging another creates space for others to acknowledge you. Withholding acknowledgment from someone keeps both you and the other incomplete, it's both controlling and abusive.

Suggestions: Register and then click here to open a new window so that this list remains open in the background. Use one or more items on the list as a means of getting started with your acknowledgment. Click "New Topic" to post your feedback. (free registration required)

1. Was the workshop of value?
2. Did the value stay with you—do you still find yourself using what you learned?
3. Have others acknowledged you for your communication skills?
4. Have you shared or taught others some of what you learned?
5. Do you presently live in an environment that supports/requires zero withholds?
6. Do you clear regularly with one or more people?
7. How has your participation in the workshop affected your prosperity?
8. Have you used what you learned to support your health or the health of others?
9. Enrollment Team Participants, was the enrolling experience of value?
10. What about the workshop has bothered you the most?
11. Do you notice that you have a better understanding of communication than most?
12. What would you say to or advise someone thinking about doing the workshop?
13. What impact, if any, has the workshop had in your relationships, throughout your community, or the Big Isle?
14. Have you used the Bewith Process? (yes, never)?
15. Do you recommend the workshop for teachers, police, elected officials, or prison inmates?
16. Have you noticed a difference in your commitment to keeping agreements?
17. Have you noticed a difference in your ability to create agreements that work?
18. Have you noticed a difference in your ability to support others in keeping their agreements?
19. What would you like to communicate to Kerry?
20. What would you like to communicate to ComCom's board members?

Announcement: Beginning in 2010 Community Communications began offering all communication workshops and on-line communication-skills tutorials and all 3-hr consultations/coaching and clearings on a donation basis.

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FYI: Notice that I do not refer to you as a "graduate" of a workshop. This is because the workshop is a process that supports communication mastery. We are all participants in the communication mastery curriculum. Those who enrolled and were "No Shows" or didn't honor the "stay to the end agreement," are also participants. We each create our own workshop. I know I had to thwart and sabotage many of my teachers so as to discover what works.