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Hillary's public acknowledgment
« on: December 15, 2006, 12:55:04 PM »
News release I'd like to read:

Hillary's public acknowledgment

Dear Fellow Americans:

Many of you have experienced disappointment and upset about the drama I created in my relationship with my husband Bill. Specifically, I set it up for most everyone to think less of him, to believe that he broke his fidelity agreement with me, and that I was the victim in our relationship. Here's the other side of the coin.

Through my machinations, my leadership-communication skills, I sabotage him and the country. At a time when we needed to have our full attention on matters of state I empowered (enabled) him in deceiving me and lying to you and congress. How I handled it affected the nation's reputation negatively.

I know now that the responsible thing for me to have done was to insist, after the very first extramarital incident, way before his presidency, that we both immerse ourselves in weekly counseling/therapy until I was absolutely sure that cheating was no longer a concern of mine. Instead, I communicated verbally and non-verbally in such a way as to let Bill know that I would continue to support his philandering, and most certainly that I would not divorce him if he cheated while in office. This was the implied agreement between us based upon our marriage vows. We know this from the results I produced.

Obviously history would be different had I said to Bill, prior to us applying for candidacy for him to become president, “Bill, from now on cheating will be the same as requesting an immediate divorce? There will be no more second chances.” Instead, I made my own security and profession more important than the integrity of the Office of President of The United States.

I did a disservice to women everywhere by pretending to be the victim. Unbeknownst to most everyone it was my intention (albeit an unconscious one) to set it up for him to cheat so that I would look good. I could have straightened out a large part of the mess if I had simply acknowledged to the public that we had an implied agreement—that I supported (albeit begrudgingly) his dalliances. The same goes for his denial that oral sex isn't sex; I could have communicated, "Bill, tomorrow you retract that insulting lie. Tell everyone the truth, or I leave." He knew with certainty that I would put up with it; such was the disrespect I had accumulated throughout our relationship. [The premise here being—no one abuses (deceives) someone they completely respect.]

I know it appears ludicrous to some for me to be running for the Presidency given that I was unable to inspire my own husband to honor agreements and to be open and honest with me. Worse yet, I conned some of you into thinking that I'm the victim, the nice one in the relationship. Never ever forget that I'm the one who did not insist on and inspire fidelity.* I'm the poor judge of charactor, the one who karmically required and therefore chose a partner who couldn't be trusted to honor agreements. I'm the one who chose someone to mirror my own out-integrity (a lifetime of accumulated perpetrations). I'm the one who covertly drove him into the arms of others all the while pretending that I was the poor victim undeserving of respect and loyalty.

I know that many of you've heard/read about how I treated the Secret Service agents during Bill's presidency; it's all true. Agents assigned to me considered the duty a form of "punishment." I was "abusive," "rude," "nasty," "condescending," "disrespectful," and I swore frequently—including the f-word. I have no explanation; my behaviors revealed a lifetime of unresolved anger.

I now require my staff and volunteers to immediately let me know when they hear me speaking in a way that doesn't feel good—to which I must respond, "Thank you." I now create mini-clearing sessions throughout the day so as to not drag my upsets and anger (incompletes) into the next interaction.

I have committed myself to a series of coaching sessions to get to the source of, and complete, my addiction to abusing and being abused, to enabling, and to manipulating others in such a way as to cause them to look/feel bad. Upon completion I plan on sharing my findings via a live TV interview, facilitated by a leadership-relationship communication-skills coach, and have you be the judge as to my ability to tell the truth, to communicate responsibly, to hold public office. I will respect your wishes.



* See Creating a Marriage Vow that Precludes Cheating

Update: 11/9/16 Hillary lost the election.

Here's my reply to a Hillary email sent by "Robby" asking for my vote (sent 2x).

Hi Robby,

I'd like assurance that Hillary has apologized to the Secret Service agents for her well documented repeated verbal abuse to them during Bill's presidency.  I'm certain there are thousands of us potential voters who have unpleasant memories of her rude treatment of the agents; not that she got angry, but that I've yet to read/hear that she apologized to the agents and their spouses for each instance of abuse. No doubt most of the Secret Service community dread her possible presidency.*

For example: Hillary's public acknowledgment,11.0.html

I've written a similar email to Donald Trump. As expected he arrogantly refuses to apologize for his abuses. I've noticed that most people only seek out a coach after they have crashed and burned (usually it begins with health issues); only then do they begin to acknowledge life's perpetrations. It would be sad for women everywhere if Hillary had to lose so as to remind her of the correlation between personal integrity and outcomes.

Hillary has a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate to women everywhere how to clean up blaming infidelity messes.

With aloha,

Kerrith H. (Kerry) King
Leadership-Relationship Communication-Skills Coach

PS: Please forward this reply to Hillary

* One of the advantages of keeping relationships clean (aside from the clarity that comes from not having energy-sapping unacknowledged perpetrations floating around in the mind, occupying space, getting in the way of creativity and of communication taking place), is that when a goal is not met the mind doesn't think, "H'm could it be a karmic consequence because of unacknowledged abuses?" For example: A pilot who was cheating on his spouse and was the only survivor of his plane crash will, for life, wonder if the crash may have been a consequence of his deceptions.


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