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Aloha and Welcome to the
Community Support Group Project

          —sponsored by Community Communications

The Community Support Group Project (CSGP) is a proposed series of free ten-person support groups to be televised to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Premise: All results we produce for ourselves, and for those with whom we relate, are a manifestation, a result, of our leadership-communication support-skills.

Purpose: The purpose of a support group is to experience an expanded ability to manifest the results we say we want for ourselves and, for those with whom we relate. A support group cannot not work.

A Community Support Group consists of ten volunteer Support Group Participants, ten volunteer Assistant Co-facilitators a Support Group Facilitator, and thousands of Big Isle community supporters (referred to as TV-Viewers).

A support group meets for 3-hrs on the same night each week for 24 sessions. The sessions are televised to the community much the same as Hawaii County Council meetings.

How to support the project: The way to support the CSGP is to click the Vote button in the Vote block to the left—optionally—at the bottom of the Vote Form you may let us know if you'd like to be one of the ten Participants or one of the ten Assistant Co-Facilitators or a TV Viewer. Your vote is not an agreement, merely a communication of your support of the project.

Ideally, the first support group will consist of ten teachers from the same (East Hawaii) Big Isle school.


About being a Support Group Assistant Co-facilitator.

About being a Support Group Participant.

TV Viewers
About being a Support Group TV Viewer.

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